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In 2022 Wildflower Trail Adventures is bringing the noise to Collingwood.

Trail Running is fast becoming a very popular sport in the region of the escarpment. Runners come from all over southern Ontario to take on really sweet single-track trails that include a bit of elevation and some punchy descents. Join us for a weekend of good running while being able to meet some great new friends. The weekend will include accommodation, delicious meals, some sweet relaxation, and of course lots of great running. Trails include an amazing route along the Loree Forest that you will never forget, some hill training on the Ascent trail and Switchback trail as well as many other great places to explore. Chase the Feeling with us.



Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4

Day 1 includes arriving at our luxury retreat location. A beautiful chalet in the heart of the escarpment. It is from here that we will all share accommodation so we can get to know each other and share stories and experiences. Top off the night with a great meal, delicious desserts and we are sure to start off the weekend on the right foot.

Day 2 is our time to get after it. What is "it"?  We are going to be exploring the ascent and the beauty of the uphill. What it is like to run and trail running workout and how to utilize them in your training. Today will also include a walk through the Blue Mountain Village, and lots of great food.

Collingwood has many great trails to explore. Whether you are hiking, mountain biking or running, the lengths of trail allows us to see a lot of the escarpment. Today we will enjoy the long run and Loree Forest. Halfway through the run, our group will enjoy an aid station with water, nutrition and lots of great goodies.

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  • Up Up and Away

    • Warm-up 20 min

    • Uphill 1 min 

    • Downhill  2 min

    • Repeat x2 

    • Uphill  2 min 

    • Downhill  4 min 

    • Repeat x2

    • Uphill  3 min

    • Downhill 6 min 

    • Repeat x2

    • Uphill  2 min 

    • Downhill  4 min 

    • Repeat x2

    • Uphill  1 min 

    • Downhill  2 min 

    • Repeat x2

    • Cool Down 20 min 

  • The Long Run Fartlek

    • 90 min on Trail

    • ​20 min Warmup​

    • 30 min Easy with Fartlek

    • Recovery Aid Station

    • 30 min Easy with Fartlek

    • 10 min Cool Down

  • Let's Get Technical

    • Easy Run on Technical trails to get feet moving

    • Easy 45min

    • Try out Trail Running poles!

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