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Steep Mountains


This is an interactive page that allows you to check out a variety of trails in British Columbia. Do you find yourself visiting these places and want some inspiration on where to run? Perhaps you are joining Wildflower Trail Adventures on a Retreat in Whistler or Kelowna and are curious as to which trails you will be running. This page will set you up with all of that information. Click on the FatMap link and it will provide you with the distance, the elevation profile, directions to the trailhead, the best time of year to tackle the route and important things to consider.

Check out these trails!

Riverside Trail - Whistler, BC

The Riverside Trail in Whistler is a great route for those looking for a quick and scenic run along the Cheakamus River. 

Start your run from the Interpretive Forest parking lot and find yourself rolling through the river valley and across the suspension bridge. 

Comfortably Numb - Whistler, BC

Comfortably Numb is a Whistler classic. You will hear trail runners and mountain bikers in the area share stories of this trail. As it is typically run as a point-to-point, you can either begin in the village or the Wedgemount parking lot. Be prepared for some pretty gnarly single-track trails. The route is rated as difficult because of the length and tightness of each turn, however, it can be classified as relatively flat. which can make you feel like you are flying. This trail hosts its own local trail race as well as the Whistler Alpine Meadow 25km.

Black Tusk - Whistler, BC

If you happen to take Highway 99 up on the Sea to Sky on the way to Whistler, you will see a strange rock coming out of the Mountains, that is Black Tusk and yes it is possible to reach that summit. You will need a day pass into Garibaldi Park which will give you access to some of the best switchback/and alpine meadows running in the area. In August, this route features incredible Wildflowers.

Baden Powell Trail, North Van, BC

The Baden-Powell Trail is a technical route that was established in 1971 as a way to celebrate British Columbia's 100th anniversary as a Province. The entirety of the trail is well marked and boasts beautiful views throughout. While visiting Vancouver, this trail is a great way to explore rainforest-like terrain.

Lost Lake Trail, Kelowna BC

Up in Myra-Bellevue Park, the Lost Lake Trail (Not to be confused with the Lost Lake trails in Whistler) includes some steep ascents with stunning views of the Okanagan valley. The single-track mountain bike trails make this route fun, along with the feeling of being far from the city. On the route, you will see firsthand the devastation of the forest fires, but depending on the time of year, old burn sections bring incredible wildflowers. 

Rose Valley, West Kelowna BC

Rose Valley is a favourite for Trail runners of the area because of the access to a wide variety of trails that are great for beginners to experienced runners looking to push the pace. The best part of this route is that you start high from the parking lot and drop low into the lake. The trail then draws you around very quick single-track trails. 

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