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Wildflower Trail Adventures is proud to offer retreats all over Canada and will focus on a few key areas for 2022.

Click on any of the links to check out these provinces where Wildflower Trail Adventures will be exploring. You can take a look at the various regions and the running trails that locals and athletes enjoy. Each of the trails provided has been personally run on by a member of the team and the provided FATMAP link contains tons of information on the trail so you can go out and try the trail for yourself!

British Columbia v_edited.jpg


British Columbia has a wealth of trails for everyone. As hiking is B.C's unofficial pastime, you will find trails, hikers, bikers, and runners in every corner of untamed woods. Trail Runners have a lot to owe to the hikers and bikers who have built and maintained these trails we are able to enjoy in this province. 

Check out some of these trails in Whistler, Vancouver, and Kelowna!


Ontario is soon to be a hotbed for trail runners and there is no shortage of trails spread across the province. Just because the mountains are not as big here does not mean your quads won't be screaming from the vert. Ontario's mix of flat and steep trails makes it a perfect place for long runable trails.

Ontario v_edited_edited.jpg
YUKON V2_edited.jpg


Not many know that The Yukon has some of the largest mountains in North America. The northern territory is also home to incredible stretches of trails that will blow your wool socks off. Truly explore wilderness areas that are dripping in history and stick around with the friendliest of locals 

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